Bands for... flashers, apparently!

Vanity - Shaz setting up at the Strand Hotel, BudeWell the hen party dressed as builders enjoyed it.. the birthday party dressed as school girls enjoyed it.. and I'm pretty sure the chap who revealed his hairy cheeks to us enjoyed it too - although I'm still not sure which way to look!

We started off with some slower paced numbers in order to keep the volume down for those still dining in the restaurant during the first set, but after the break we picked up the pace and got people dancing to tracks like Proud Mary, Do You Love Me, Poker Face, I Love Rock & Roll, American Idiot and more! Needless to say, we had a great time, and we're itching to get back to the Strand Hotel in Bude again next Saturday night (30th July) for more of the same, albeit with a little less of the flashing ;)

Xx Vanity xX

(Photo: Shaz setting up on stage)