Girl fronted rock bands in Devon

Vanity is just one of the various GIRL-FRONTED rock bands in Devon, and we are loving it! We've been getting some amazing feedback and are feeling quite humbled by the number of weddings we've been asked to play at in 2012!

We were lucky enough to make friends with the talented Vicious Kittens a few weeks ago, who've been absolutely NAILING the whole girl-fronted rock band thang around the Plymouth area for a few years now, and are definitely worth a watch! It might seem a bit strange me talking about them in the context of Vanity but, quite frankly, we really hate competition! There's plenty of gigs, and plenty of love, for us all. If more bands worked to support each other rather than compete then the music world would be a better place!

Here's to Vicious Kitten, and to all the budding girl-fronted rock bands in Devon, Plymouth, Exeter - or whereever you may be. In fact, please say hi if you read this! We'd love to meet all you gorgeous and like minded ladies out there..

Xx Vanity xX