Good news n bad news!

Good news at Vanity central - we say Hi to our new singer Lorna!

Lorna brings a wealth of experience to our little band. Her vocal talents will be put on a new demo very soon, but suffice to say that her exploits to date have included many bands from Rock to Folk, vocal tuition, and a heavy dose of hard liquor and the rock n roll lifestyle that produces that growly, smokey voice! ( Only kidding about the liquor but she does like fans to throw Threshers vouchers at the band during gigs! ) x

Bad news at the good ship Vanity - we say 'au revoir' to the lovely Jo Beeeee - mwah x It has now become my job to match any outfit to the correct style of Cowboy boots at gigs !

Jo is a very dear friend and a great singer, so we wish her well with her future endeavors musically, and hope that we will be making musical noisage again some time in the near future. Meanwhile, we will continue to test the average girls ability to consume copious amounts of wine whilst working on new songs!

x Shannon x