Weddings & more!

Vanity have been super-busy over the last few weeks!

Last weekend we played back to back weddings in Launceston and Kingsbridge.

The Launceston function was for the lovely Matthew and Kayleigh @ Trethorne Leisure Farm.

We played Green Day's 'Good Riddance, Time of Your Life' for their first dance. The couple were just lovely as were their guests ( although Kayleigh looked a bit too amazing in her fantastic dress! The Vanity girls were not at all jealous, much ! )

Matt sent us this message the following day:

'You guys were amazing, the best band I have ever heard! The music was fantastic, really made the night, thankyou so much'

Thanks Matt xxx

The Kingsbridge function was for the wedding of James and Selena @ Buckland Tout-Saints Hotel.

Wow - what a venue! A fantastic old manor house with breathtaking surroundings!

We arrived in good time but the wedding party speeches were running over slightly so we busied ourselves with waiting in the Hotel and sampling its fine beverages ( as you do ! ) until the wedding M.C ( who was very dapper ), allowed us access.

We had to double-time it to get set up and ready for the first dance which included AJ clearing tables and sweeping the floor ( we always knew she would find her vocation ), and the other members of Vanity generally speeding things along.

We played Trains 'Hey Soul Sister' for James and Selena's first dance and from there, we carried on through a 2 hour set. Gruelling. but we had to pack in as many songs as we could in the time that was left!

An amazing crowd, gorgeous couple and fabulous venue - what a gig!

We have also had the pleasure of playing some open gigs at Tiverton's Twyford Inn, Exeter's Prospect Inn and Okehampton's Kings Arms over the last few weeks, we enjoyed them all and cant wait to head back!

We have a few weeks break now to learn some cool new songs, so please check us out at the next one!

xx Vanity xx